the Becoming Relational workshop

So many of our interactions--be it with a serious romantic partner or the frosty receptionist at the doctor's office--leave us feeling either unseen and defensive, or invited to walk on eggshells. Or both. When you really take this in, it's startling to consider how much of our lives are spent in fight or flight or worrying about it. With this longstanding wiring, even our best communication skills can falter in creating the kind of emotional safety and presence that would allow you to have what I believe most of us want: just to feel you are being yourself with another person.

This workshop is 1. for people who have been "doing the work" for years, if not decades, and still feel something isn't right or simply not consistently relaxed enough interacting with others....and 2. for people who may be new to personal growth--but are becoming curious about their own relationship programming and 3. for anyone who's been stimulated by the thinking in my book or on this website and would like to be a more natural creator of the kind of relationality I'm pointing to.

Participants will leave the workshop inspired to be living more in their own reality with tools to make it happen. You will learn ways to minimize, if not eliminate, familiar guilt in possibly making an Other uncomfortable and replace that guilt with actual care for how that Other might feel. And the ground will be laid to start exploring the emotional landscape you've been embedded in that may be subtly inviting others not to enter your reality with enough interest and real care. This is the terrain I've been exploring my whole life, and look forward to exploring it with you.

One-Day Workshop Dates

the Becoming Relational workshop

Saturday July 16, 2023

9:30 am to 12:30 pm 1:30 to 4:45 pm

Price: $279.00

This online class is for the Unpartnered and Partnered and is not a couple's workshop, though partners are welcome to come as individuals, each on their own separate screen.