Consultation with Each Other

1. For couples who sincerely want to be with each other but can't seem to get beyond certain repetitive annoyances and/or arguments, a familiar distance or just plain flatness.

2. For couples who are considering separating and are interested in a serious professional opinion regarding the possibility of making their situation happier enough to want to stay together.

(Warning: Unhappy or otherwise disconnected couples are
known to leave a session liking each other more. Note whether
you would welcome this.)
Nancy will meet with couples for 90 minutes, but suggests 2
hours. For now, Nancy is not taking on new longterm therapy
clients, but is open to 1 to 3 sessions with the awareness
that she might refer you to another if it feels like extended
treatment is called for.

Relevant to anyone in a relationship reading this--clinician or not--Nancy is known to have some skill coaching individuals who want to inspire unaware or resistant romantic partners into curiosity about themselves and the growth process.